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Interior Plaster

Plaster provides a solid seamless surface. It may be applied over wire lath as found in many older homes, as well as over sheetrock spackle or joint compound is used to cover the taped seams of sheet rocked walls. Design flexibility which allows for curves, arches etc. The many options of textures or smooth, matte or high gloss along with endless color choices will select a stunning finish that meets both your functional and design requirements.



Stucco is an attractive,durable,and low maintenance exterior finish. It will outlast wood, vinyl and brick siding, and it is great for all different climates. It can be applied using metal lath over brick and concrete. Stucco can be finished with virtually any color and does not require painting. Many different texture options are also available. Stucco can be great money saving option as well. It provides excellent insulation for heating and air conditioning and blocks winter winds. Many insurance companies will lower their premiums due to stucco's fire resistance durability and mold resistance 



Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems(EIFS) are multi-layered exterior wall systems that are used on both commercial buildings and homes. That provides superior energy efficiency and offer much greater design flexibility than other cladding products. Insulation board , made  from polystyrene foam which is secured to the wall surface with a specially formulated adhesive then a durable water resistant base coat wish is applied on top of the insulation foam and reinforced with fiber glass mesh for added strength very attractive and durable acrylic finish which is both color fast and crack-resistant